Thursday, 15 December 2011

Simpsons, The

Some 10-second scribbles. I'd really love to animate these characters if I were allowed to loosen them up from their model sheets. I love the early characters where Matt Groening's style (or at least some sense of cartooning) can be seen. None of the later characters are any fun, with their realistic hair styles and evenly-proportioned faces. They look so unrewarding to draw. Nothing abstract or stylistic about them. Celebrities playing themselves on the show now are the worst. They try to transform them into their simplistic style but without any caricature, so they're just unrecognisable without "Wow, it's _____ ______ from ______ __ ___ ______! What are you doing in Springfield?". Maybe they're afraid of offending their guest stars with any kind of exaggeration in their drawings? It wasn't always this bad.

Then, and now.

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