Saturday, 31 January 2015

Draw All The Robots - Details

A few close-ups from my previous post. I remember feeling too embarrassed to post this at the time. It hadn't occurred to me that someone might have already done this sort of thing.

Draw All The Robots

I was looking through some old work today and found this piece. I started it a few years ago for some International Robot Day (there's a lot of them, can't remember the exact name) but before I could finish the colour and fill it out with a floor, shadows, reflections, etc. I discovered someone had done almost the exact same picture (only with a tighter composition and the great concept of "Where's Wall-E") and I lost all the wind in my sails. I couldn't face dedicating any more hours to what would amount to be an uninspired duplicate.

I'm still really proud of the art here though. I am tempted to finish it off just for myself - might make a nice poster for my wall. What do you think? I might have to update it with all the new popular robots from the past few years if I did.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Path More Taken

I don't draw enough these days. Here's a scene I see almost every day that I had to get out of my head (and awkwardly scribble in a small notebook.)