Friday, 17 August 2012

Positronic Brain

EDIT: There is an updated version of this work here.

I'm a big fan of Asimov's robot stories and I particularly like the concept of the positronic brain (meaingless as the name was), which has since made it into several other science fiction titles. I like the idea that truly effective humanoid robots would need something beyond programming; that they would need something more complex and even more physical to achieve the level of interaction (and even learning) needed for societal integration. It bridges the gap between robots/computers and a living, organic mind. It offers a much greater chance to unplanned or unpredicted behaviour. It begins to bridge the gap between soulless machine and life.

The picture was based on this previous piece I did, only this time I wanted to go for a more realistic look. It gave me a chance to try creating different kinds of metal surface, which was challenging and fun.

Close-ups of my original drawing.

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