Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gravity Shift

I was watching Inception while doing some work this afternoon and felt like experimenting with some photos. I wouldn't mind doing something like this one a more ambitious scale, maybe doing a whole set. Just to see how much I can do without any rigs or post trickery. Getting the angle of the camera would do a lot to help, however I fear the lighting is always going to make it hard for the mind to accept as being real.

What I really like is the depth of space. A few weeks ago I was realising that even a small room seems dangerous big if it was turned on its side. Just a few steps across a room could turn into a dangerous fall.


  1. nice cartoon style my friend..follow me

  2. this is cool, hurts my head tho lol

  3. awesome man! Youre so right. Ever read calvin and hobbes where gravity disappears and he is stuck on the ceiling? Thinking about that messed with my head.