Friday, 19 November 2010


Something I started a while ago and realised I'd never posted online...

I made these by imitating a very shallow depth of field (along with a few other effects). It was inspired by this video:

I don't think I'm going to invest in any tilt shift equipment, but I'm interesting in trying it out with video using the same digital effects I used for these photos.

None of these photos were taken with this effect in mind so some work better than others. I need to do some research & experimentation, but I thiiink telephoto shots work better than wide ones when it comes to reducing the perceived scale. Or the position of the camera might be more important - shots looking down rather than straight on.


  1. I think they are all successful, especially the photos with trees in them.

  2. I've been aware of 'miniatures' for a while and was wondering how on earth they're achieved. It looks like a giant hand is about to reach down and place a toy train on the Tay Bridge, great job!