Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Elwood et Dave

This is one of the sketches I did while plotting out this Elwood strip and I think it's my favourite drawing of Elwood ever. Sketches like this are done in seconds and are no more than visual notes, so I don't bother about keeping to a style or ensuring the characters are on model - I just need enough to record what needs to happen in the strip. Which is why I think I like it. If I sat down to draw the strip without this sketch I don't think I'd've captured this expression with the way I've come to draw the characters - not to mention how these things always become more bland once they're cleaned up and inked. Sketches like this often do spur on changes and developments in my art style but that's often a gradual thing - especially when I worry about suddenly changing something that already exists. Now I just want to go nuts and just start finding new ways to draw the strip without worrying about trying to work it into the existing style.

This may seem like small potatoes in the grand sphere of illustration but maybe some like-minded indivudals know where I'm coming from.

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