Friday, 4 January 2008

Pig Out Calendar

Ages ago, I begun work on another comic strip. It's been on my mind for a long time now but I've never found an angle on it I'm 100% happy with. The comic would follow the weird existence of pet guinea pigs, and to a lesser extent their weird owner. The pigs are based on my friend's, and she's been pushing me to do this comic. So, as a Christmas present, I used some of my ideas and put together for her a calendar! She wants me to share these with you, so here they are! The 12 pictures from the calendar! There's a few 'in' jokes here, since it was only for her, but I'm sure you can get past those.


The real pigs. Moose and Odie (explaining the Halloween pic).


  1. I think this idea is just grand. I kind of get the halloween pic. A play on Garfield and Odie? Yes I definitely think you should put some effort behind this one. Just thinking of how the pigs veiw the world is just hillarious.

  2. Yeah, the short-haired guy is already named Odie and he's also the dumb, energetic one.

  3. Forgot to say, tThanks for the kind words. The idea's not totally gone; one I sort out some other projects I might try and start Pig Out on the side...