Sunday, 4 March 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Apart from a cloudy spell, it was a fantastic night for a lunar eclipse! As the bright surface disappears behind shadow, the orange/red colouring begins to appear. Someone described it as being like Mars thousands of times closer to the Earth. A fair description I think. Here's some cropped & shrunk photos I took:

EDIT: Forgot to add this, someone asked what camera I used. These were taken with my Minolta Z5 digital camera. 12x optical zoom really is a treat for stuff like this!

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  1. Hey, those are great. I did try to get a few snaps but, being what it is, my digital camera wasn't really up to it, and I couldn't really be bothered loading film into the K-1000 and setting up the tripod. So I just watched it through the pair of GBFO aery-watching binoculars and tried not to look like a pervert. There was one other person out watching it so at least I didn't look too mad.